Elemento a DotNetNuke Skin by Adammer

Sub Navigation Skin

Elemento includes two subpage navigation skins. To the right is a dynamically generated list of subpages. This list will update on its own and will include any subpages that you add to the top page (in this example "More Info" is the top page).

Check out how the page organization mirrors what you see in the subpage menu to the right.


Page Organization

More Info
...SEO Menu Module
...SEO Site Title
...Sub Navigation Skin
......Example 1
......Example 2
.........Example 2-1
...Footer Menu
...Dynamic Copyright
...DNN Logo Object

How it works

You will see a dynamically generated menu on the right side of the page when you use one of the following Elemento page skins:

  • SubPage_RightNav
  • SubPage_RightNav_Breadcrumb

Notice that only the pages under "More Info" are displayed in the menu to the right. This functionality gives you the ability to easily create a navigation hierarchy that is easy for visitors to understand and follow.