Elemento a DotNetNuke Skin by Adammer

DNN Logo Object

Elemento uses the standard DNN logo object. It is designed for a small logo, which will be displayed on the left side of the menu. If you upload a Logo (Admin > Site Settings > Appearance > Logo) we recommend the following image properties:

  • Maximum Height: 36px
  • Transparent GIF
  • Matte Color: #4C4C4C

If you choose not to have a logo in the menu you will need to update the Logo setting to <None Specified>

  1. Admin > Site Settings
  2. Expand “Appearance”
  3. Select <None Specified> from the “File Name:” dropdown
  4. Click Update link

If you want your logo above the menu, you can use BannerPane1. You will need to add your logo to a Text/HTML module using the Banner container skin with “Display Module On All Pages?” checked.