Elemento a DotNetNuke Skin by Adammer

CSS 3 Validation

As a W3C contributor, we are dedicated to creating W3C compliant skins. However, we designed Elemento to use Mozilla and WebKit proprietary properties (styles), which cause the skin to fail strict W3C CSS validation. These properties do not affect accessibility and are ignored by browsers that don’t support them (including Microsoft IE 6, 7, and 8).


In this case, we felt the design enhancements created by these properties were worth breaking strict W3C CSS compliance. “Know the rules before you break them.” 


.clearfix (Microsoft IE 6 Hack)

Elemento is a super clean skin. But don’t let its simplicity lead you to believe it was easy to create. All Elemento containers have a collapsible version (containers ending in "_C"). This collapsing functionality exposes a major bug in IE 6.

To enable consistent behavior for all browsers, it was necessary to use a CSS property that does not exist in CSS 3 (zoom). This property is only used by IE, does not affect accessibility, and is ignored by all other browsers. It does, however, cause the skin to fail strict CSS validation.



 Validate Elemento CSS (errors explained above)