Elemento a DotNetNuke Skin by Adammer

Major Features

6 Unique Page Styles

Including Breadcrumbs and dynamically generated Sub Navigation.

181 Containers

Including 6 Title/Header sizes per container style. All boxed containers include a collapsible version.

Best Practices
Seach Engine Optimized (SEO) Menu

Elemento includes the Adammer CSS Menu skin object powered by technology licensed from Snapsis.com. This pure CSS menu greatly improves your website's SEO.


Elemento allows you to reach different audiences - those with special needs, people using alternative Web browsers, mobile users, etc.

Extensive Documentation
  • Includes 12 page PDF document (Developer Version) that details all aspects of the Elemento skin.
  • Fully commented CSS files.
Source Files (Developer Version)
  • 10 Adobe Fireworks files including slice coordinates for easy creation of custom skin and container colors.

Tested to work with DNN 4.6+ and DNN 5+. Not compatible with earlier versions of DNN.

Elemento by Adammer

A DotNetNuke® Skin
Version 1.5.1

About Us

Adammer LLC is an Information Technology and Design Services Company headquartered in Cupertino California, USA.

Skins by Adammer


Additional Information

  • Elemento containers use DIV tags not embedded tables and spacer images. This makes your website much "lighter" and thus much faster loading.
  • Browser Support - The Elemento skin is written in valid XHTML, all major browsers are fully supported, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Konqueror, and darn near any other browser you throw at it.
  • Elemento is a fixed width skin with the maximum width of 924 pixels. Ideal for all screen resolutions.

* A very small change needs to be made to a single file in the DNN source code to make this skin Rehabilitation Act Section 508, WAI-A, and WCAG 1.0 compliant. Instructions are included in the skin documentation.

** Elemento uses Mozilla and WebKit proprietary properties (styles), which cause the skin to fail strict W3C CSS validation. These properties do not affect accessibility. Read more